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Analysis of the Covid 19 Pandemic through the lens of Resilience Theory: A Solution Based Approach

Tuesday, October 5th, 12pm Pacific

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Riffing off Zach Stein’s talk on Sept. 28, in this session we will explore how the Covid 19 pandemic affected our lives, and discuss solutions for moving towards building a sustainable society.

Through the lense of Resilience Theory, we discuss the underlying environmental causes and environmental impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic as well as its impacts on social justice and our collective consciousness. We specifically evaluate how the pandemic highlighted technology’s impacts on our society.

We then discuss the lessons we have learned from the Covid 19 pandemic. How are we rebuilding our society now? What are the important considerations to build a more sustainable future?

Join me for the conversation. How did the Covid 19 pandemic affect your field? What solutions did you think of for moving towards a more just and sustainable society? We look forward to hearing your inputs and adding them to our solutions squad.


Soudeh  Jamshidian


Dr. Soudeh Jamshidian is a social entrepreneur and environment expert. Soudeh’s professional life started at the age of 19 when she founded an environmental NGO in Iran. She has worked as a project manager, designer, and consultant for several United Nations agencies and International NGOs. Her journey has taken her to Iran, India, Afghanistan, Mali, and Canada to collaborate with local communities, policy makers, international organizations, and academics in various topics related to resource management. Working for the United Nations Environment Programme in Afghanistan inspired her to co-found Peace Geeks and create and moderate Vancouver Peace Talks since 2011. Soudeh’s passion for social justice, environmental management, and advancing peaceful technologies has inspired her collaboration with HDC. She sees technology as a cross-cutting issue that can make or break our modern society. She believes as the technology is transforming our societies, the society should have a say in building policies for managing Tech. Soudeh is the secretary of the HDC board.