HDC Board

Ale Brown MBA, CIPT, CIPM, CIPP LinkedIn

Ale started her career as an IT professional working for large corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. She also ventured into the entrepreneurial world working for boutique consulting firms when she moved to Vancouver. Her current area of expertise is operationalizing Privacy Programs in order for organizations to achieve compliance with the Privacy and Data Protection Regulations that they need to comply with. Ale founded Kirke Management Consulting in 2014. 

Darlene Gering 

Darlene Gering works at the intersection of business and social impact. Darlene started her career at Dun & Bradstreet in Toronto. Following her desire to live and work in Latin America, she founded D&R International S.A. in Costa Rica which became Dun and Bradstreet’s fastest growing agency in Latin America. Darlene led Thriving Generations Employment Agency, a social enterprise helping moms in poverty transition back to work. She has recently founded Sociatek to create economic empowerment for women in Latin America.

Carissa Kazyss MNRM, MA

Carissa Kazyss is co-chair of the HDC Board. She co-designs ParTecK, HDC’s annual flagship event and is a steward of the emerging ParTecK community, drawing on her background in network coordination and community development. Carissa has a MA in Integral Psychology and a Master’s in Natural Resources Management. She works at the nexus of personal and organizational development in her coaching and consulting work. Carissa is a contributor to a few emerging tech-related collaborations including the Digital Naturalness Project (digitalnaturalness.com). 

Greg McMullen

Greg McMullen is a lawyer and internet activist based in Vancouver, BC. From 2015-19, Greg lived in Berlin and was active in its thriving blockchain community. He was Chief Policy Officer of ascribe.io and BigchainDB, a founding member of the Bundesblock (Germany’s blockchain lobby group), co-authored papers on blockchain governance, identity, privacy, and intellectual property, and spoke at conferences around the world

Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson is co-chair of the HDC Board. He is a tech entrepreneur and investor. His passions include consciousness, blockchain, decentralized digital currencies, and open source and standards.  He’s a digital footprint minimalist, cyclist, and integral psychonaut.

HDC Advisor

Rochelle Fairfield

Rochelle Fairfield is an Advisor to the Human Data Commons Foundation in Vancouver, Canada, where she helps convene and design their annual ParTecK event. Her work integrates academia, project and event design and facilitation, transforming individuals and systems, industry governance and ethical praxis. She has an MA in Integral Theory, certified as an Integral Coach, is a long-time Zen practitioner and has written on gender and power as well as co-authoring the HDC’s annual Quantified Self Report Card.