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ParTecK Grants


ParTecK seed grants have been offered since 2017 as a way to support members of our community with developing ideas  and projects that might otherwise sit on the side of their desks. Our process has evolved from simply awarding funding towards a more supportive framework for grantees. This includes a mastermind group all grantees are asked to attend on a monthly basis. These groups are a fertile space for synergies and mutual support over the course of the year. Our newest step is to offer a mini-incubator to support proposal development.

Our overall philosophy with the ParTecK grants is that we value the growth and development on many levels that happens during the grants process, and sometimes what emerges at the end looks and feels quite different from the original idea. We value a collaborative spirit and consistency in working on the grant.


2022-2023 ParTecK Seed grants

This year, we'll be offering an incubation process to support people in creating their grant proposal. This process is open to ParTecK participants, whether or not they plan to apply for a grant. The incubator is also optional and people may apply for a grant without attending the incubator.

Learn more and sign up here.


2021-2022 ParTecK Grant Award Summaries


Ben Franklin in the Metaverse: publishing civic ideas on web3 - Derrick Yoder

Web3 technologies have emerged as a response to web2 technology, which sought to centralize internet use data and make it easier for internet users to set up accounts and share information with other accounts. In a short time, web2 socialized the web, but it also undermined civil discourse. Web3 contains the seeds to fundamentally reorganize power on the internet and to restore elements of civil society that have profoundly deteriorated under web2.

My aim is to create and publish meaningful, truthful, and ethical content that explores how emerging technologies and institutions can enable new possibilities in civic life. And I aim to do this using new web3 technology, which promises to reshape how we organize at the highest and deepest levels of civic life.


Cryptovandals: Liberating NFTs from proprietary platforms - Greg McMullen and Alberto Granzotto

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) live on a blockchain but they don’t follow the same rules as cryptocurrencies. Controlling the key is only part of owning an NFT. NFTs typically link to media stored off-chain. If the server hosting the media goes down, you still control the token containing the link, but the media you thought you owned is gone.

Cryptovandals takes an NFT you own, saves the content to IPFS, then mints a new NFT linking to the content on IPFS and burns the original NFT. The new NFT contains the provenance of the original but is stripped of proprietary links - a truly open NFT. You can try Cryptovandals at cryptovandals.com, see our NFT Hack presentation, or view the code.


Design for Cybernetic Collective Intelligence - Christopher Eddy

Civilizational threats like ecological collapse, rampant inequality, and exponential technology require significant innovations in collective intelligence design. If we want a future that isn’t total chaos or authoritarianism, democratic societies will need to reimagine what it means for a government to be “of the people, by the people, for the people'' in the age of information technology. How could we design digital technologies that enable deeply enriching experiences and support a collective intelligence fit for a long term, sustainable civilization? I believe we can design such humane technologies; tools which promote individual and collective wisdom, create trustworthy, community educational resources, and guide effective and ethical civic inquiry.

In this project I am committing to facilitating a ParTecK community learning experience (seminar style involving minimal presentation with lots of open dialogue) on the basis of intensive research into:

  • first principles and design criteria for “cybernetic collective intelligence” (CCI)
  • case studies in existing technology at the cutting edge of CCI


Thaumazo  - Daniel Lindenberger

Thaumazo is a soon-to-launch Non-Profit based on principles of Unmanagement that brings self-organized groups to bear to find and tackle inflection points on global issues. Thaumazo’s mission is to provide support to people passionate about working to make the world better - in their personal growth, their professional skills, experience and network, and their projects and opportunities to creatively bring their passion to bear on practical work in the world. Our work is to make it ever easier for people of any age, background, skillset and domain of interest to work successfully and in the way they choose to improve their world. This mission is accomplished through resources, community, partnerships and projects.

The intention of this grant is to provide the core team sufficient operating costs to launch the non-profit, including stipend to develop database / dataviz structure, documentation approach ( to ensure all learnings are captured and shared, which is critical for an Unmanagement / emergent venture), to create the seed group of global partners and to spark the initial invitations and project


Warm Data Labs - Roberta Vogel-Leutung and Rochelle Fairfield

In response to the world situation we are in, we need to become something we’ve never been before, and for that we need abductive processes. Warm Data Labs (WDL) and PNP (People Need People (PNP) are two of those. As trained hosts, Rochelle and Roberta seek to offer WDL/PNP sessions to the Parteck community, and explore deepening the field of our relationships while also extending them to other communities. And to discover what happens when we do this.

Warm Data Labs and their online version, People Need People, are, in Nora’s words: designed to address the fractures steeped into the way the many contexts of day-to-day life overlap. Economy, culture, family, education, politics, technology—these things interweave into identity, goals, dreams, and unspoken assumptions about life. Warm Data is an offering to the communities that invites transcontextual sense-making, at very personal, and, simultaneously, societal levels.



Titles from past years grants include:
  • Data Sovereignty for Indigenous Sovereignty
  • Digital Naturalness white paper
  • SayDAO 2.0 - Incentived Collaboration and Decision-making for Small Groups
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Analysis of COVID 19 Crisis through Resilience Theory
  • Online Safety and Security for Parents, Cargivers and Educators
  • Sivana Project
  • PlatformX
  • Transformative Arts and Culture Exploratorium (TACE)
  • Podcast on Socio-Tech Ethics
  • Convening Digital Naturalness
  • Developmental assessment of the ParTeck community
  • ParTeck network development backgrounder
  • Series of Salon Politics
  • The Daily Decolonizer – content development
  • Market research to determine the commercial viability of a “Enterprise Knowledge Graph” product.
  • Development of an “Indigenous Life Skills VR App Proof of Concept”
  • Collaboratorium Feasibility Study
  • Developmental assessment of civic leadership using StageLens technology
  • Research and development of an Online Panel Platform Co-op for Gen Squeeze