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Past Events


This year’s theme was around locating and nourishing ourselves in the arc of transformation, harvesting the fruits of inspiration planted last year, drinking from the well of our group mojo, and a learning opportunity for being with the drastic shifts due to the pandemic and the deeper unveiling of systemic racism.


As the crazy-train that is 2020 enters into its second half, lock-down for Covid grinds on. Some re-opening is happening, to mostly less-than-stellar reviews. Intersecting this, long-standing racial injustices in the US and beyond are being outed daily, and protested and strategically acted on in unprecedented levels around the world. Social justice, anti-racism and equity have become main-stream discourse, no longer fringe voices. These are only two of the big happenings so far in this watershed year, including locust plagues, meth gators and K-Pop activism. This year we’ve had no choice but to suspend much of our usual bearings of what we thought we knew and of how we go about our lives. We seem to be largely, to quote maestro Tom Petty, free-fallin’.

Much of the change we’re adapting to is involuntary, as the world simply ceases operating as usual and demands that we see it more adequately. This means learning truer, fuller histories and contemporary experience of being BIPOC in a white superiority oriented global society, and on the pandemic and climate front, learning to live smaller, and to experience the satisfactions and reliefs as well as the losses that go with that.

At ParTecks past, we’ve explored narratives in tech and consciousness about how the world and our experience of it can be improved, pointing out the problem of blind-spots and the ethical dangers of a colonizing mind-set, including who sets dominant narratives.

Currently the narratives in politics, religion, identity politics, education, government, business, and medicine are fragmented, providing no coherent vision for what to value and prioritize, nor how to get there. For example, some prioritize individual freedom, such as to choose whether to wear a mask, and others prioritize collective care for our brothers and sisters who might be more vulnerable. We don’t have a shared framework globally to work with these incompatible stories of what is best, and yet the pandemic has shown us that we need one since we’re seeing more clearly how we’re all impacted by one another’s choice-making.

Many industries, governments at all levels, the education field, and so on, admit they don’t really know how exactly to go forward: they’re trying out adaptations, and fumbling along through this global-level plot-twist that is 2020 and has landed us in a collective state of WTF? We are nearing peak fragmentation and competition for a dominant narrative, for a story or myth that makes us make sense to ourselves and allows us to make sense of what’s happening. And one that perhaps gives us a sense of what’s coming.

As certainty in our pre-2020 narratives dissipates under lock-down and racial protests, there are glimpses we’ve caught of a stillness beyond the noise and pressure of the old day-to-day plague of being super busy. This is a gap in our story that we’ve touched into and trained for at past ParTecks, dropping in to a kind of potent stillness, suspending our usual knowns and ways of knowing. The pause at an entryway to a radically rich territory of not-yet-knowing, from which generative creativity may arise.

ParTecK 20 invites us to meet again in this greater potent pause, to come together so that collective intelligence may arise and be revealed through us. Collective intelligence is, after all, not something we can do by ourselves!

The theme this year is around locating and nourishing ourselves in the arc of transformation, harvesting the fruits of inspiration planted last year, drinking from the well of our group mojo, and learning opportunity for being with the drastic shifts due to pandemic and the deeper unveiling of systemic racism. A chance to fall in the disillusionment and to rise to the challenges this poses to our self-construct, paradoxically dissolving and growing us at the same time.

Last year Dr. Zak Stein gave us an inspired and engaging presentation based on his recently published book, Education in a Time Between Worlds. He pointed to the time in-between radical departure from the old ways and the adaptation of new ways. It seems we are now in that time, a time between how things were up until 2020, and not yet knowing what to expect – except perhaps the radically unexpected – for the even just the second half of 2020. Tune in to ParTecK 20 and be inspired by Zak’s latest thoughts and challenges around making sense of now, and the possibilities and questions that are engaging him.

Let’s come together, now more than ever, for each other, to celebrate our time here now, acknowledge our collective loss of the end of an era of humanity that we’re living through together, and find our bearings in the company and collective intelligence of ParTeck20.

From Idea to Social Innovation

What does it take to turn your idea for a better world into a prototype you can test?

We all have opinions and ideas about what would make the world a better place. Often, however, these turn out to be murky concepts that need to be sharpened and tested before you can make that vision a reality. In a world that says it wants innovation, but typically only funds “proven strategies,” how do you even get started? How do you marshall the champions, partners, funders, and staff that you need? These are the questions we set out to explore as Jen tried to turn the Work for Humanity project from a seedling of an idea into a funded pilot program. The team has tracked that journey over the past ten months using evaluative thinking and its tools. Much has been learnt through this process, and we are thrilled to share our insights with you.

Download Presentation slides here: https://humandatacommons.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/From-Idea-to-Social-Innovation-Slides.pdf

This project received a ParTecK 2019 Grant.

Jen Gresham has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and is a 20-year military veteran. She is the former Assistant Chief Scientist of the Human Performance Wing for the Air Force Research Laboratory, where she helped lead a $100M research portfolio spanning the fields of biology, psychology, and technology. She has been a high performance coach and business strategist for nearly 10 years.

Anastasia Gaisenok has more than a decade of leadership experience in education, organizational development and system change work. As the Principal of Green Amber Consulting, she supports innovative leaders and organizations in growing their impact through planning, evaluation, training and coaching. Anastasia holds a BA in Anthropology, an MA in International Studies, and a Certificate in Evaluation for Social Change and Transformational Learning from Simon Fraser University.

Sustainability, Deep Adaptation and Tech

Want a more sustainable world that includes people and tech?

Join ParTecKian Theo Van Brabant for an evening talk on March 5th, 2020 to explore how we can adapt both ourselves and our tech to create a better world.

Theo brings deep experience in helping communities design pathways for sustainability. He has a Master’s in Strategic Sustainable Development and over a decade of experience working with groups to create and implement strategies. Drawing on an integral view of sustainability, Theo will walk us through systems design principles and thinking that we can apply to our projects and communities. We’ll hear about the emergence of new organizing forms on the horizon and increasingly intelligent technologies that can be in service to inclusion and participation. And we’ll be offered a set of practical tools to increase the adaptive potential of our organizations and communities.

This is a participatory event – be prepared for some new perspectives!

Interested in what fellow ParTecKians are up to? Have something to share? The second part of the evening will include Lightning Rounds – a favourite at ParTecK. Two-minute shares range from rants, to poetry, to project announcements, to requests. Come out and share the stage with your fellow ParTecKians.

Hosted by the ParTecK Collective + Friends.

Nature-Mind Playshop

Breathe a breath of fresh air into your creative projects.

From synthetic biology, to geological engineering, to AR – a major faultline of our future is the interaction and merging of technology and nature. We are naturally hardwired to receive the benefits of the natural world around us. How can we make space in our minds for the beauty and aliveness continuously being offered to us? And, what kind of (tech) world would we create if we were  consciously draw design inspiration from the natural intelligence in and around us? We will be sharing with you some simple practices for sensing and imagining nature as part of a process for designing ‘natural tech’. We will attune to images and rhythms from nature as a potent way to cultivate a cultivate our intuition for the design sensibility nature uses to create coherent, living systems.

Join Zach and Carissa for an experiential lunch hour that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

An online event hosted by Zach Schlosser and Carissa Kazyss
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
12-1pm Pacfiic on Zoom
Learn about the Digital Naturalness Project.

About Us: Digital Naturalness founders Zach Schlosser and Carissa Kazyss have been collaborating on the Digital Naturalness project since 2017, with initial support from the Human Data Commons Foundation. Carissa (MA, MNRM) has worked in sustainability, community health, adult education, and ethical innovation in tech and is passionate about the bright future calling us forward. Zach has a B.A. in Religious Studies and has spent the last several years building businesses at the intersections of education, organizational change, and social innovation.

Decentralization & Alternative Finance

If you’ve ever wondered what decentralization really means to your life, your organization or the greater culture you’re participating in, this evening is a great opportunity to dive in deep with other changemakers, thought leaders, and philosophers.

You might recognize some of the event speakers from past ParTecK gatherings – Scott Nelson, MaRi Eager, Kris Constable, and Gary LaChance. Mia Cosco from Consciousness Hacking Vancouver will also be adding to the conversation.

For more about the event and to reserve your spot, visit Eventbrite. Seats are filling up and capacity is limited, so make sure to RSVP. 
Hosted by the ParTecK Collective + Friends.

Conscious Relating 2.0

Inspired by the Dagara culture of West Africa, John will introduce participants to an intuitive personality system that can be easily adapted in collective spaces, such as networks, teams and communities. This way of honouring diversity supports an ethical future, including the way we honour our humanity in the technosphere.

Wednesday, Sept 25, 2019, 6:30-9:30pm
Conscious Lab, #200 422 Richard St, Vancouver
Healthy snacks provided. Tickets are complimentary.

John Andreas is an experienced facilitator who seeks to be a catalyst for the wisdom and magic of group intelligence. He facilitates a new paradigm of relationship ecology.  John developed the “Ten Elements of Village Synergy” in 2009, drawing from the writings and workshops of Malidoma and Sobonfu Some.  John has been involved with various spiritual and personal growth groups for the past 20 years. He has formally studied sociology and psychology. John was at ParTecK19.

Join us for a rich and playful exploration with ample time to visit with fellow ParTecKians.