Human Data Commons Foundation

Instilling data collection practices with integrity and freedom

Reclaim agency over your personal information, with the opportunity to make your data available for academics and researchers to further study across all aspects of human health, society, and culture


The Human Data Commons Foundation was formed to address the increasing ethical problems caused by the scaling collection of personal data. Contemporary technology enables the development of massive databases which can be utilized for research and analysis, but at present, these are mainly built without transparency or accountability.

By establishing collaborations between big data companies, wellness researchers, and information security innovators, the HDC will create a scalable database with a focus on user consent and best practices in privacy and security.


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Our central value is integrity, which requires careful planning, critical thought, and above all else, commitment to our vision and partnerships with others

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We prioritize freedom for all human beings to access research outcomes and innovations to improve their lives

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Rather than merely focusing on the logistical challenges of data collection, we envision the productive impact this data can have on health and wellbeing research

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From launch to exponential growth, our organization will place special emphasis on accountability, full disclosure, and clear documentation of our mission and direction

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Our operations will always prioritize the end user's right to choose if their data is contributed, through a request expressed in clear language and without coercion

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Our overall vision is driven by the conviction that the near future can sustain more open, secure, and equitable technology


Short Term: Collaboration

The HDC’s immediate mission is to foster interdisciplinary discussion about how to shape the ethics and protocols for an anonymized open data commons to benefit the collective integral wellbeing of humans.

Medium Term: Shifting Paradigms

Our mid-term mission is to forge new paths in public awareness of the structures that surround data collection, while encouraging the establishment of best practices in the technology industry which prioritize user agency and consent.

Long Term: Innovating New Technology

Our long-term mission is to develop a fully anonymous database of voluntarily contributed user information, collected via personal development and biomedical tracking services, which will be accessible to approved institutions for research on human health and wellness.

Problems We Aim to Solve


Practitioners of different research paradigms often fail to collaborate.


Utilize outreach and integral theory to bring practitioners together across disciplines and fields.


Personal data is collected online without explicit consent.


Build respect for user consent into the core infrastructure of data collection.


Access to data and research resources are siloed for the few.


Establish rigorous best practices for an ethically accessible research database.

How You Can Help

In this early formative stage, the Foundation is looking for diverse perspectives and critical feedback from many sectors and disciplines.

We welcome anyone to contribute their ideas on the crucial issues of privacy, data integrity, and eliminating barriers to information access.

You can reach us at

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Information security professionals

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Research institutions interested in open database access

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Community builders and open Internet activists

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Blockchain and distributed technology developers