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tech, ethics and consciousness...for all life

We inspire the tech sector and empower citizens towards a more equitable and sustainable digital future for all.


About HDC

The Human Data Commons Foundation (HDC) is a non-profit based in Vancouver, Canada, inspiring the tech sector and everyday citizens towards an equitable and sustainable future for all. Our mission is to integrate tech, ethics and consciousness for all life so that as a society we are more aware and conscious of the ways we develop and use tech.



ParTecK (Participatory TecKnowlogy) is our yearly flagship event to meaningfully share about the current landscape of tech among social innovators, tech-innovators, and thought leaders.


We offer seed grants to encourage collaboration among ParTecK participants and further the mission of integrating tech, ethics and consciousness.

Community-led events

We encourage community members to offer talks and experiential events to the ParTecK network throughout the year.

Open Source

We experiment with and encourage the use of open source and blockchain applications such as DAO, collaborative wikis, Nextcloud and more.



Play with us!

Find us in your inbox by signing up to our listserv - send a note to parteckevents(at)gmail.com. We aim to respect your time and attention and our listserv doesn't collect user activity (it's pretty old school).


We envision a world free of unintended consequences.