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Annual ParTecK Gathering

ParTecK was born in 2017 out of a desire for spaces for meaningfully sharing about the current landscape of tech among social innovators, tech-innovators, and thought leaders. Highly diverse participants coupled with thought-provoking presentations, culture building and opportunities for unique collaborations makes for a highly engaging event. ParTecK themes vary from year to year and comes with a pre-backgrounder as well as an event summary. At this time, ParTecK is an invite-only gathering. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

ParTecK2021 – Evolve Together

ParTecK is a space to explore. People sometimes (or often!) ask what ParTeck is and what we are trying to accomplish. We’ve now run our annual event 4 years in a row, and each year has brought it’s own special mix of intelligent speakers, connecting time, reflection, elements of the sacred, of the earth, and of looking through different perspectives – given the range of perspectives often present. Our intention has always bring to bridge consciousness folks and tech folks towards a more ethical tech world. This year is no different.

And there are a few additions. Over a 6-week period (Sept 28-Nov 2, 2021), we will be gathering weekly on two tracks. The first is our ParTecK community track, with explorations on safety and trust in our tech world (and hey, in our world generally!), as well as topics of interest to community members, and for the first time, a communal granting process (yes! more on that later). The second track is hosted with our Seattle-based partner Future Arts, and will be focused on VR+Empathy, exploring weekly the impacts of VR on our senses and our sensemaking. Speakers will VR artists who will be sharing about their work, culminating in a panel at the end. There will also be a regular beer night for locals to Vancouver to come together and hash things out.

Participants will walk away from our 6-week long adventure with:

  • a community interested in exploring rich topics connected to tech, ethics and consciousness;
  • the possibility of participating in a grant project related to a topic you’d like to explore and would like the means to do so;
  • an introduction to leading thinkers who bring integral angles on tech and ethics – Zak Stein, Geoff Fitch (Pacific Integral) and more…
  • a deepened reflective space within, which can help with meeting the many challenges we face today.


Our collective space is on Hylo – search ParTecK! More information coming about how to register.

ParTecK 2020 – Coming Together in the Eye of the Storm

Join us for a pioneering online ParTecK20 on August 6, 7 & 8, 2020. We’ll be tapping into collective intelligence and the current global reorganizing moment we find ourselves in, and have also perhaps to some degree, lost ourselves in.

This year’s theme is around locating and nourishing ourselves in the arc of transformation, harvesting the fruits of inspiration planted last year, drinking from the well of our group mojo, and a learning opportunity for being with the drastic shifts due to the pandemic and the deeper unveiling of systemic racism.

ParTecK 2019 – Culture, Power and Thriveability in our Tech-Infused Future

ParTecK 2018 – Big Data, Governance and Ethics

At the 2nd annual ParTecK gathering, we explored ways to nudge culture towards a future where it will be easier to be a genuinely “good” tech company who is “making the world a better place” more than making it a dystopic one. The bleeding edge of big data and breakneck pace of tech puts evolutionary pressure on us to figure out how to ride this wave, not least through how we co-ordinate humanity’s growth through governance. We explored ways to nudge away from a culture that creates disempowerment, poverty and excessive wealth, towards a culture that calls forth a more true and beautiful life-world that humans can create.

Visit our YouTube Channel to view full presentations.

ParTecK 2017 – Tech, Consciousness and Proactivity

Tech and Consciousness are co-creating one another at a rate approaching a kind of event horizon. Technology increasingly allows for an almost unimaginable capacity to know, influence or outright manipulate human thought, moods, psyches, behaviour and choices. In other words, our consciousness. What are the implications of this – ethically, socially economically and practically? How might we proactively bake right use into the fabric of our innovative new products and services? ParTecK17 is a gathering of pioneers in this emerging field, an opportunity to be enriched by one another’s ingenuity and challenges, and also to dive deeper into proactively shaping the good with humane best practices.

ParTecK Collaborations

One of the intentions of ParTecK is to inspire innovative collaborations. The following are some of the pilot projects developed by ParTecK participants:

  • SayDAO 2.0 - Incentived Collaboration and Decision-making for Small Groups
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Analysis of COVID 19 Crisis through Resilience Theory
  • Online Safety and Security for Parents, Cargivers and Educators
  • Sivana Project
  • PlatformX
  • Transformative Arts and Culture Exploratorium (TACE)
  • Podcast on Socio-Tech Ethics
  • Convening Digital Naturalness
  • Developmental assessment of the ParTeck community
  • ParTeck network development backgrounder
  • Series of Salon Politics
  • The Daily Decolonizer – content development
  • Market research to determine the commercial viability of a “Enterprise Knowledge Graph” product.
  • Development of an “Indigenous Life Skills VR App Proof of Concept”
  • Collaboratorium Feasibility Study
  • Developmental assessment of civic leadership using StageLens technology
  • Research and development of an Online Panel Platform Co-op for Gen Squeeze
  • Digital Naturalness white paper
  • Data Sovereignty for Indigenous Sovereignty