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Zak Stein

Session Description

I will talk about the educational implications of planetary scale computation, with a focus on AI tutoring systems and immanent civilizational transformation.  



Zak is co-founder of The Consilience Project, a scholar at the Ronin Institute, and Co-President and Academic Director of the Center for Integral Wisdom. 

Brian Hoffstein, Derrick Yoder, Carissa Kazyss

Session Description

What would it look like for web3 to have a culture of stewardship deeply connected to the web of life? This is where our conversations began in the spring of 2022. Weekly, our group has been exploring and weaving together perspectives on evolution, culture-building, and what would it mean to weave together the web of life and web3 into a whole in such a way that web3 is seen as an aspect of the web of life, and is afforded the same kind of stewarding needs.

In our talk we’ll share some of the groundwork we’ve been laying and then bring you along on a sometimes poetic, sometimes complexly rich, sometimes sobering, sometimes inspirational, and always engaging conversation about a web3 that includes the best of us. If you think this sounds rather non-linear, your right! And we’ve been exploring some very tangible projects too, which we’ll point towards at the end.

Here is a bit more about our exploration:

Motivation: to ensure that Web3 is of benefit to all Beings

Mission: to cultivate a web3 culture that sees itself as stewards to the whole, including the web of life

Ideological foundation: evolutionary impulse, emergence, interconnectedness & wholeness (web), commons stewardship and incubation

Disposition: optimism, wisdom, openness, caring, dedication


  • we see ourselves as stewards and conduits rather than masters or theistic creators of the thing
  • there is an evolving, organic, osmotic, mycorrhizal, rhizomatic, consciousness that is sensitive to the indicators of the ecosystem
  • we seek to be responsive from a multi-modal, multi-sensory, information-incoming way
  • we are an open system standing for life and the regenerative potential of our time
  • we appreciate the multi-perspectival nature of this work and embrace tensions where and when we find it
  • we are looking for unity


Brian Hoffstein I am a mystic of the mountains, valleys, deserts and plains; a lover of the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams; a friend of the numinous spirits, plants, critters and creatures of the earth; and a humble, sage steward of the sacred world. I have conducted and published research at Harvard’s Advanced Leadership initiative and contributed to a range of projects pioneering novel elements of technology, culture, and experience design.

Derrick Yoder: Derrick is lead editor for an 18-volume book publishing project at the Center for Integral Wisdom, a foundation seeking to weave together wisdom traditions to inform sacred activism. Derrick is an independent researcher at Ronin Institute, where he explores meta-evolutionary process and its implications for and applications in systems design. Derrick's background includes: working in the health care sector to implement evolutionary strategy functions that integrated capacity building (aka, merging the traditional strategy and human resources departments into one... thing); a few years working on a small  team to develop and test governance information systems and group process toolkits to enable communities to be self-governing; meandering paths in meta-existential risk research, psychedelics curricular development, and running a group process laboratory for discovering novel, capacity-building group process methods.

Carissa Kazyss: Carissa is Executive Directory (part time) of the Human Data Commons. She co-designs ParTecK, HDC’s annual flagship event and is a steward of the emerging ParTecK community, drawing on her background in network coordination and community development. Carissa has a MA in Integral Psychology and a Master's in Natural Resources Management. She works at the nexus of personal and organizational development in her coaching and consulting work. Carissa is a contributor to a few emerging tech-related collaborations including the Digital Naturalness Project (digitalnaturalness.com).

Stephan Martineau

Session Description

In this talk, Stephan explores web3 and the web of life within the context of biopshere stewardship. He brings an evolutionary perspective to both, utilizing web3 as a container for a meta-systemic approach to cross-bioregional resiliency and to the development of human consciousness and collaboration. Stephan will also be speaking about the work he is currently engaged in that has biospheric roots in both South-America and British Columbia. 



Stephan is a Futurist, a Manager, and a founding Director of SIFCo — a non-for-profit community forest cooperative located in British Columbia, Canada. Stephan also works as an integral consultant and project manager for societies, coops, businesses, web3 projects, co-housing projects and communities, as they develop vision, inter- and intrapersonal discernment skills and practices, meta-systemic sense making, and seek to implement these in ways that are effective and resilient to change.

Stephan's lifelong passion and pursuit is to move beyond ideas, discussions and theorizing to the doing which exists beyond the "arriving" that is found at the core of ourselves. His current research is focused on the evolution of our collective capacity for collaboration and the future of economy.

For the past 20 years he has designed and led numerous transformative educational events internationally, specifically for ecologists, community builders, educators and parents. He is also founder and director of an international organization that works in the field of human consciousness evolution, specifically applying his human evolution framework to creating new social networks, SANEconomies, organizational design and capacity building in bioregional resiliency.

Ferananda Ibarra

Session Description

What would a living systems inspired economy look like? First, we would see ourselves as a superorganism, working together for the commons and for the evolution of our species. We would understand that economics, social agreements, language are all part of the DNA of our social organism and can be mindfully designed to preserve, create and regenerate life on earth.

In a living systems inspired economy, currencies would enable and shape healthy patterns of flow naturally, like hormones enabling different functions as they flow through our bodies. They would be generated in response to needs and expended in service of life-sustaining activities, building community wealth, trust and coherence; locally, bioregionally and globally. It is possible to align economic activity with the natural flow of energy and resources in the biosphere and currencies have a big role to play for this to happen. Rather than seeking to maximize profit, businesses would seek to optimize flows within the social organism. This would create an economy that is regenerative and adaptive, one that evolves along with the social organism it supports.

In this talk we will dive into currency design from the perspective of social organisms DNA, flow and the patterns that create stable and healthy social systems. We will also explore the contexts of decentralization and the commons.



Ferananda Ibarra is a civic innovator that has been working at the intersection of living systems, collective intelligence, organizational architecture, economics, entrepreneurship and technology. Her work is focused on the creation of new systems that intrinsically incentivize life-enhancing behaviors at all levels of agency, supporting distributed and conscious participation in our global evolution. She co-founded The Metacurrency Project, Holochain and currently serves as Director of The Commons Engine, a service agency focused on currency design and decentralized tech for commons-oriented projects. The source of her commitment arises from the experience of living systems. Nature gives her powerful keys in her inquiry towards wholeness. Love as a first commitment brings forward a heart intelligence that nourishes her deeply. https://bio.link/ferananda