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ParTecK Grant Proposal Incubator

This year, we are offering an incubation process to support people in creating their grant proposal. This process is open to ParTecK participants, whether or not they plan to apply for a grant. The incubator is also optional and people may apply for a grant without attending the incubator.

Incubator Approach:

We are using a process that emphasizes open-ended novelty based on concrete ideation. Below are two videos we will be asking everyone to watch before Session 1. So, if you are interested in participating, we recommend taking 5 minutes to watch them. More resources to come! 

The incubator includes 3 90-minute sessions:

Session 1: Introductions and framework

Session 2: Proposal development

Session 3: Proposal feedback

How to sign up:

Once you have signed up for ParTecK, you can join the incubator here. We'll then place you in the ParTecK Incubator signal group. This is a complimentary offering by HDC, so in exchange for signing up we ask for your commitment to the process.

2022 Dates (to be confirmed with group):

Mondays, Nov. 14th, 21th, 28th at 12pm Pacific time on Zoom.

Come and experiment with us!


Open-Ended Novelty

Concrete Ideation

Don’t move from the abstract into the concrete, move from the concrete. Work with your hands as it were. Trees don’t grow out of air, they grow out of dirt.

~ Margaret Atwood