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Conversation about what interests you

Join us for an open, emergent process of starting and deepening community connections, shared knowledge, values, and even new collaborations! And get a head start on the grant proposal process for this year’s all new ParTeck grant structure. 

ParTeck will be hosting a 90 minute session to talk about what’s been presented so far, and what might be burning in you to dive deeper into.  We’ll be using a process inspired by Open Space Technology. Discussion topics are gleaned from ParTeck presentations thus far and participant surveys (which you can find here), as well as ideas for topics sourced in real-time by you and your fellow event participants. 

As topics or interest areas are sourced, participants then have the opportunity to “choose their own adventure”, joining emergent discussions based on common (or uncommon!) interests, and can jump in and out of groups as needed to keep your vibe alive. There’s also an opportunity to informally meet with others in a general “meet and greet” group. 

This is the start of immersion into and emergence of what matters to you as the community, whether that’s to:

  • Initiate project grant ideas [see below for more on that]
  • Find people to collaborate with on community projects, whether those be for ParTeck grants or for something else
  • Gain a deeper understanding of ParTeck community values
  • Meet someone new to you, or deepen an already established connection
  • Go deep on a topic you love!

The Open Space process  also serves as a primer for this years’ ParTeck grant offering. We’ll be doing grants a bit differently compared to years past, offering grants to projects that are initiated, prioritized, and carried out collaboratively by participants during ParTeck ‘21. The Open Space inspired session is an opportunity to bring forth your project ideas or discover emergent collaborative potentials, which will help you get a head start  when applying for a grant (there will be another session focused on further developing your grant proposals).

In collaboration, tech, and ethics:

Carissa, Derrick, Harmony, and Rochelle