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Moral Resilience and Regenerative Tech Design

Tuesday, October 5th, 12pm Pacific

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We need to talk about the health crisis of the impact of moral distress and suffering…and how regenerative technology design can address it

There is a growing awareness of the urgent need to understand the impact of moral distress and suffering on individuals’ and society’s quality of life.

Moral distress is the conflict caused by transgressions of one’s moral code by an individual or leadership.  It occurs when we suffer and feel the pain of being separated from our goodness and from what we need to thrive.

Because moral distress is not discussed, people are unaware of how it impacts their own and others’ wellbeing. (For example, the link between moral distress and virality of spread of information: Social media posts that stir moral distress are reposted 6 time or more.)

Join MaRi Eagar from EcoNova in this presentation and dialogue about this very important and relevant mental and emotional health topic to explore how participatory and regenerative technology design can contribute to moral resilience and flourishing.

For free access to EcoNova’s research on the topic, you can watch the video on Vimeo here. Its one hour long and rich in content.


MaRi Eagar


MaRi Eagar is a Canadian award winning innovation consultant, cultural creative and teacher of Gaia Dharma and Positive Ecotherapy. She was ranked Thomson Reuters Top 40 Social Influencers in Finance, Innovation and Risk, 2017

MaRi  is the founder and Chief Regeneration Officer of EcoNova Leaders, a regenerative business innovation and transformation boutique consultancy and Startup Regeneration™, our community of practice.

EcoNova  links regenerative business ideas and design thinking with action in the real world. We develop competencies for the training of regenerative business innovators, organizations and communities.

Starting her professional career as South African Chartered Accountant, MaRi holds a Masters degree in Leadership Development (cum laude) with her dissertation research on the application of contemplative practices for leadership development. A certified Positive Psychology Coach and Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner, she also studied and trained as a shamanic practitioner for more than 20 years. 

Her global corporate experience working with executives and senior leaders include Deloitte, PHSA, BCLDB, MEC, ICBC, Da Vinci Institute for Technology amongst a few. 

MaRi was the founder of the BC Blockchain Forum, with membership over 1,300 and contributed to the strategic development of the local blockchain ecosystem. Her area of interest was distributed and decentralized leadership and governance, culminating in an open source action project including blockchain community leaders interviews for Blockchain Radio and final presentation to the community in September 2018.

After she completed a two month regenerative retreat in Peru, she returned with a mission to establish EcoNova as a way to restore salka (undomesticated energy and natural mind), nurture imagination and cultivate regenerative work, life and play lifestyles. MaRi continues to focus on creating pragmatic solutions for people to reclaim cognitive agency and build future skills that are difficult to automate.