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Web3 Overview

This page is meant to give an overview of web3, and a few resources to dive into for more. It's a vaste and complex space! Perhaps this will give you a taste of the landscape. If you have a resource to add to this, please feel free to send a note to parteckevents(at)gmail.com.

From web1 to web3

Web1: 1970-2000  Everyone can read stuff on their computers. It's read only, however anyone could create content. The days of slow downloads of image and video files. 

Web 2: 2000 - present  This is when commerce on the internet started happening at a large scale. This is also the rise of social media and along with it, users of the internet became 'products' (ie if you are not paying for it, you are the product). User data became an asset to companies.

Web 3: 2014 - present Blockchain-based world wide web where users have more privacy and individual sovereignty.


 The Complete History of the World Wide Web (From Web1 to Web3)

This tweet by also provides a way of looking at the development of web3.

What is Web3 ?

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Web3 and Culture

Cypherpunk: this group was born out of early days in bitcoin, is focused on DIY open source development and values privacy.

Solarpunk Web3: this group is committed to conscious tech building, taking into account externalities beyond projects, are focused on public goods. They want to build for a better world tomorrow (positive sum world building).

  • We are Creating a New Decentralized Civilization  https://www.kristakimstudio.com/techism-manifesto
  • Marcus Lens https://twitter.com/marcusdotam/status/1562183298931167233?s=20&t=Q012EnMtuTgZnSG-1-YgAQ

Lunarpunk: arose as a critique to solar punk, seeing their native sibling as overly optimistic and not realistic enough about impending tech wars. They are focused on privacy as a corollary for solar punks need for transparency.

  • Lunar Punk and the Dark Side of the Cycle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA3YZVDUN5s


Web3 and Nature

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