Annual ParTecK Gathering

ParTecK was born in 2017 out of a desire for spaces for meaningfully sharing about the current landscape of tech among social innovators, tech-innovators, and thought leaders. A high diversity of participants coupled with thought-provoking presentations and open space opportunities makes for a highly engaging event. ParTecK themes vary from year to year and comes with a pre-backgrounder as well as an event summary. At the time, ParTecK is an invite-only gathering. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

ParTecK 2018  –  Big Data, Governance and Ethics

At the 2nd annual ParTecK gathering, we explored ways to nudge culture towards a future where it will be easier to be a genuinely “good” tech company who is “making the world a better place” more than making it a dystopic one. The bleeding edge of big data and breakneck pace of tech puts evolutionary pressure on us to figure out how to ride this wave, not least through how we co-ordinate humanity’s growth through governance. We explored ways to nudge away from a culture that creates disempowerment, poverty and excessive wealth, towards a culture that calls forth a more true and beautiful life-world that humans can create.

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ParTecK 2017  –  Tech, Consciousness and Proactivity

Tech and Consciousness are co-creating one another at a rate approaching a kind of event horizon. Technology increasingly allows for an almost unimaginable capacity to know, influence or outright manipulate human thought, moods, psyches, behaviour and choices. In other words, our consciousness. What are the implications of this – ethically, socially economically and practically? How might we proactively bake right use into the fabric of our innovative new products and services? ParTecK17 is a gathering of pioneers in this emerging field, an opportunity to be enriched by one another’s ingenuity and challenges, and also to dive deeper into proactively shaping the good with humane best practices.